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Blown Away

I was introduced to tarot in 1964, the same year that I discovered astrology. I’d been studying the planets since I’d been a kid, so I’d known about stars and about astrology. But the cards were new to me except for one “fact”: I knew and was utterly enchanted by the idea of Gypsy card readers. As a kid it had been my annual Halloween costume, so it seems only natural that I took to the tarot. Decades later when I found myself engaged as a shamanic hands-on healer and had obtained a degree in spiritual counseling, I began using the cards with those that I was counseling and became locally well known for doing so. That was in the mid-1990s. Over the course of the past 12 years I have had less and less call for tarot readings, living, as I do, more or less as a hermit, one with a husband and friends. So mostly the readings were for friends who known me long enough to know that I do it, although, by now it’s got around the community where I live as well. Sometime last year, I stumbled across the Symbolon cards online, somewhere, and I was drawn in by them as if they were magnetic. I purchased the deck, read the small instruction book that came with them, and began to play around with them, with the help of a friend of mine whom I’ve known for decades, I was somehow lacking the clarity that I felt I needed so I went back online to see if there was a source of deeper information… and there was! After reading just the introduction to the book I understood why it was that I felt as if I wasn’t getting enough out of the cards. Having kept a record of my own readings – that is to say, readings for myself, of which there were few because I pretty much know where I’m at most of the time… except for those darn cards which just felt as if they were teasing me - I went back to reread the cards I had drawn and then understood exactly what it was that I understood previously. I’m so impressed by the work that went into developing this deck. I can’t even begin to imagine the energy and mental stamina that it took to create this remarkable tool and I am grateful beyond words, really. Thank you so much.


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